Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is a 501 (c) (4) organization of individuals and businesses who are deeply concerned about health care reforms being implemented by Governor Shumlin, and seek patient-centered reforms that protect the traditional doctor-patient relationship.


On April 3, 2013, a group of doctors gathered in the State House to express their objections to provisions in Act 48 that prohibit doctors and patients from contracting directly for health care services, even if the state is not paying for the care. This coverage is provided by True North Reports.



On January 31, 2013 Rep. Don Turner, House Minority Leaders and Sen. Joe Benning, Senate Minority Leader  hold a press conference with several other legislators and VHCF's Jeff Wennberg to call upon Gov. Shumlin to comply with Act 48 and produce the single payer financing plan required by law. The Ethan Allen Institute prepared this summary:


On December 6, 2012 VHCF's Jeff Wennberg was interviewed by Bill Sayre on WDEV's Common Sense Radio. Click below to hear the 55 minute program:


VHCF's 30 second TV ad showing how the Green Mountain Care Board will intrude in decisions about our health care choices is HERE. A 1-page explanation of the claims made in the ad is HERE.

An 8 minute video explaining that the Vermont Health Benefits Exchange is mandatory, requiring private insurance outside the Exchange to be outlawed. This was created before the Exchange was passed into law as Act 171. Click HERE.

The UVM June 6, 2012 Forum broadcast on Burlington CCTV and featuring Dr. Bob Emmons, Jeff Wennberg, Dr. Dan McCauliffe, Bob Gaydos and Dr. Robert Letovsky. Click HERE.

Over $5 billion to be spent with no budget and no financing plan? Here is the TV ad that demanded answers before implementation of Green Mountain Care. Click HERE.

Bob Gaydos of Digital Benefits Advisors discusses the prosepcts for Vermont establishing a functioning exchange and the implications of the payroll tax for Green Mountain Care. Stowe Health Reform Forum, 2/18/12. Click HERE.

Here is the VHCF radio ad from 2011, encouraging Vermonters to demand answers to many quesitons before passage of single payer reform: click HERE.

Earlier this month, a few dozen Vermonters gathered at the University of Vermont for a seminar billed as “Healthcare 101.” But first, they had to wait for a half hour in the fluorescently lit hallways of the George D. Aiken Center for a security guard to open the reserved classroom.

“This is what’s going to happen,” quipped one sardonic attendee, trying the door handle. “You’ll show up for health care and the doors will be locked.”

- Seven Days Newspaper; full article HERE.

  • Employers pay 40% of the healthcare costs – and were never consulted.
  • An appointed board will determine benefits, coverage, funding, deductibles, co-pays, premiums, technology, provider payments, etc.
  • Under this law, you will not be allowed to purchase insurance outside of the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange.