Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is a 501 (c) (4) organization of individuals and businesses who are deeply concerned about health care reforms being implemented by Governor Shumlin, and seek patient-centered reforms that protect the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

Health Care Reform Newsletter #40

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom continues our newsletter series on Vermont’s health care reform efforts. We aim to provide useful information to our client businesses and newsletter recipients; to inform our readers about Vermont’s efforts toward a “single payer” health care system and the problems inherent in such a system; and to address related health care matters at the federal and state levels.

 Quote of the Week:

“I was elected to get tough things done and this may be the toughest,” Shumlin said. “I will not rest until it is done.”
-Governor Peter Shumlin on a Single Payer Health System in Vermont

Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Office Says Single Payer Technology Won’t Be Ready in 2017

In an Issue Brief released on August 12, 2014, the Vermont Legislature’s Joint Fiscal Office painted a bleak picture of the likelihood of a single payer system implementation by 2017. The report states, “The purpose of this document is to flag questions and issues concerning technology related to the implementation and functionality of Green Mountain Care (GMC), currently targeted for January 2017”. And there are many in this report.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom believes this information is important enough to our clients and readers that we have included it in its entirety below.

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"Any person who believes that they have the fundamental right to determine what is best for them in their life...what healthcare to receive, what medications to take, what immunizations to have, what food to eat, what behavior and thoughts to express.... should reject this attempt by the State of Vermont to regulate their bodies and minds. Vermont's "Healthcare Reform" is legislation about power and control based on the unconstitutional and immoral assumption that the state knows what is best for the people that it rules."

Edward Pomicter, MD
Diplomate, American Board of Anesthesiology

  • Employers pay 40% of the healthcare costs – and were never consulted.
  • An appointed board will determine benefits, coverage, funding, deductibles, co-pays, premiums, technology, provider payments, etc.
  • Under this law, you will not be allowed to purchase insurance outside of the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange.