Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is a 501 (c) (4) organization of individuals and businesses who are deeply concerned about health care reforms being implemented by Governor Shumlin, and seek patient-centered reforms that protect the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

News Updates

Wendy Wilton OpEd
November 15, 2013

Wilton vs. UMass: Green Mountain Care Tax a Big Gamble for VT

The Shumlin administration recently disclosed the $1.6 billion tax impact of its proposed single payer health care system, Green Mountain Care. The report, produced by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, projects that $1.6 billion will be needed by 2017 to complement Medicare, Medicaid, current VT state taxes and federal revenues to support the system’s $6 billion total estimated cost. UMass was paid $300,000 for their report.

In 2011 and 2012, I projected the tax impact of Green Mountain Care to be $1.8 billion; darned close...

VHCF supports one year extension and elimination of the mandate
November 14, 2013

Obama Extends Current Health Insurance Plans to End of 2014 Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Again Calls On Governor Shumlin to Do The Same

Montpelier, VT – Today President Obama announced that due to the difficulties with the Obamacare website, millions of Americans will now be allowed to keep their current health insurance until the end of 2014.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom calls upon Governor Shumlin to do the same for 100,000 frustrated and beleaguered Vermonters.

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom has heard the cries of thousands of Vermonters who...

Fisher In Denial
November 14, 2013

Time for Representative Fischer to Get a Reality Check

Montpelier, VT – When asked whether he would consider a year delay for mandatory participation in the exchange, Rep. Mike Fisher, D-Lincoln, chair of the House Health Care Committee said there were good policy reasons for Act 171, and "opponents will use every opportunity to express their opposition."

“Despite significant issues we’re in the middle of, it’s my hope these are transitional problems and not structural problems,” Fisher said. (From Vermont Digger ...

Shumlin: Everybody In
November 12, 2013

Shumlin’s Rose Colored Glasses Threatens All Vermonters

Montpelier, VT – Governor Peter Shumlin attended and was the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of Physicians for a National Health Program in Boston on Saturday.

During his speech Governor Shumlin was challenged by known communist and single payer founder Dr. David Himmelstein on Vermont not being able to enact true single payer health care. In response, Governor Shumlin said “Let me just say, I agree with you, but I’m going to try to get the waivers to get everybody [in Vermont} in the pool – everybody. I want...

Newsletter: November 8, 2013
November 8, 2013

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom
Exchange Newsletter #17

Shumlin's "Nothing Burger" is Grilled - But Certainly Not Well Done

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is continuing our newsletter series on the Federal and Vermont Health Care Exchanges. Our aim is to provide useful information to our client businesses and newsletter recipients, to help you wade through the Vermont ObamaCare Exchange, known as "Vermont Health Connect," and to keep you updated on related happenings at the federal level.

We are looking for an...

Shumlin Invokes Waiver, But Thousands of Vermonters Are Still At Risk
November 5, 2013

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom Calls for a One Year Extension to Protect All Vermonter

Montpelier, VT - Thirty days after Vermonters for Health Care Freedom first called on Governor Shumlin to issue an Exchange waiver so Vermonters would not lose or have a lapse in their insurance – the Governor finally acted. However, on Friday we learned that Vermonters are still at risk for not having affordable health insurance in 2014. Why? Because Vermonters wanting to extend their current health care plan may face double annual deductibles – one for three months in 2014 and another for the remaining months of 2014.- increasing...

Shumlin In a Hole, Keeps Digging
November 1, 2013

Thirty days after Vermonters for Health Care Freedom first called on Governor Shumlin to issue a waiver as outlined in ACT 171, so that Vermonters would not lose or have a lapse in their insurance – the Governor finally acted to protect Vermonters from his failed website and Vermont Health Connect.

Vermonters with insurance will be able to extend their current insurance through March 31st or purchase exchange insurance directly from BCBC or MVP.

"During the debate of ACT 171 we supported and advocated for individuals and small business to purchase directly from the insurance providers. It was good for Vermonters then...

Newsletter #15
October 25, 2013

Week 4 of the Obamacare Exchange
We are looking for an intern! Cover legislative health care sessions, be active in social media, cover Green Mountain Care Board meetings, legislative hearings, do research. Great opportunity to get involved in the most important issue facing Vermont! Please send work history and interests to...
5 Questions Governor Shumlin Won’t Answer
October 22, 2013

Montpelier, VT – No matter how long the Governor meets with the press or defers questions to Commissioner Larson, there are some questions the Governor can’t or won’t answer. Here are five questions Vermonters should be demanding answers to:

  1. What is actually wrong with Vermont Health Connect? High traffic is not the problem. Most Vermonters are having trouble even registering an account, the very first step in the signup process.

    VHC requires people to set up an account, submit an application and have their identities verified before they can click through to see their limited options of health...
Governor, Will You Be Celebrating the 1,000th Person to Sign up on Vermont Health Connect?
October 21, 2013

Montpelier, VT - Governor Shumlin is fond of celebrating the successes of others as we most recently saw with his press conference to celebrate the 1000th captive insurance company in Vermont. Today Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is curious to know if the Governor has plans to celebrate the claim that after four weeks Vermont Health Connect has signed up 1000 Vermonters on its failed $95 million IT system developed by CGI in a no bid contract?

Perhaps Vermonters would like to celebrate the firing of CGI and Vermont beginning to collect the millions of dollars CGI owes Vermont for missing major milestones.

Governor, the...

Earlier this month, a few dozen Vermonters gathered at the University of Vermont for a seminar billed as “Healthcare 101.” But first, they had to wait for a half hour in the fluorescently lit hallways of the George D. Aiken Center for a security guard to open the reserved classroom.

“This is what’s going to happen,” quipped one sardonic attendee, trying the door handle. “You’ll show up for health care and the doors will be locked.”

- Seven Days Newspaper; full article HERE.

  • Employers pay 40% of the healthcare costs – and were never consulted.
  • An appointed board will determine benefits, coverage, funding, deductibles, co-pays, premiums, technology, provider payments, etc.
  • Under this law, you will not be allowed to purchase insurance outside of the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange.