Vermonters for Health Care Freedom is a 501 (c) (4) organization of individuals and businesses who are deeply concerned about health care reforms being implemented by Governor Shumlin, and seek patient-centered reforms that protect the traditional doctor-patient relationship.

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Green Mountain Care:

How Much will it Cost? Who will Pay?

Vermonters need to know what Green Mountain Care (GMC) will cost before casting their votes in the November 2012 election. Sign the online petition or print your own and send it in to show we are serious about knowing how much GMC will cost and who will pay for it.  It is essential we urge the Vermont Legislature to require the GMC Board and the Governor to release the financing plans for Green Mountain Care by September 15, 2012, not in January 2013 as the present law states.

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Dear Friend,

Have you ever heard the saying “measure twice, and cut once?”

You don’t make a major decision until you have all the facts, and that is exactly what you are doing. Can I count on you to visit Vermonters for Health Care Freedom to put a stop to this job killing, unnecessary legislation?

This fast-tracked law would essentially destroy the private insurance market. Every company health plan, and every individual health plan would be gone.

I do not support having the government making my decisions, I support making the decisions for my government.

We don't know how much this government takeover of our health care will cost. We don't know how many doctors will leave this great state simply because they oppose this legislation. More importantly, we don't know how many jobs Vermont will lose because of this government takeover. Now is NOT the time to pass job killing legislation.

I implore you to contact Vermont's governor, state senators and representatives and demand they stop implementation of Green Mountain Care. Tell them to LISTEN to Vermonters, Vermont businesses and Vermont's health care providers. Tell them to conduct research, consider alternatives and tell us ALL what this single-payer government monopoly takeover will cost and how we are expected to pay for it before taking one more step toward implementation.

P.S. We cannot let the government make our health care decisions. We know what is best for our families. Visit Vermonters for Health Care freedom .

 “There has been a lot of moralizing in this debate about medical financing.  Although there is a moral dimension to my position, the main reason I am opposed to single payer financing is clinically pragmatic: it doesn't work, and it harms patients.  My moral reasons for practicing the way I do are a matter of my ideas about my personal responsibilities to my family and my patients.  My opposition to single payer medical financing is designed precisely so that I won't impose my personal moral values on people who disagree with me, and I hope to get the same consideration in return from my neighbors in Vermont: please let me practice as I see fit, let my patients judge the value of my work, and let me keep the money I have earned so I can meet my responsibilities to my family and fulfill my personal aspirations.”

 Robert S. Emmons, M.D.


  • Employers pay 40% of the healthcare costs – and were never consulted.
  • An appointed board will determine benefits, coverage, funding, deductibles, co-pays, premiums, technology, provider payments, etc.
  • Under this law, you will not be allowed to purchase insurance outside of the Vermont Health Benefit Exchange.